Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Information Overload

In the days of information overload, I believe we are all going to start caring a lot more about the quality of the content we receive on our terminal / device of choice. In particular, I believe the screens of Preference, Priority and Reputation are a good start to filter all the noise we get on a daily basis.

Take Music, as an example:

Preference - I prefer iTunes to any other music site out there.
Priority - I care about new alternative / rock music
Reputation - I tend not to waste too much time on new releases that get panned by my community of reviewing friends

Apply the same concept to Email and being Mobile

I prefer my Yahoo (Personal) and CP (Work) Email
I care about email from my wife, boss, direct reports and a few friends while I am mobile.
I don't want to receive any mail from non-reputable sources.

With communities of reviewers constantly reviewing content on popular sites like Ebay, Amazon and others...