Monday, February 20, 2006


I recently joined Indigo Books & Music as CIO / CTO. A definite change from the world of mobile & broadband operators, but a lot of similarities in terms of delivering consumer services at scale where retail is king. While Web 2.0 technologies flourish, search moves beyond page rank, and content is disaggregated, mixed and mashed by/for consumers in new ways online, in store, on demand, in print or digital - this is an exciting time to enter the world of Books, Music & More - especially with a leader such as Indigo.

New audience aggregators are entering the market, focused on discovery but of course - on transacting and delivering content for fee. Publishers are trying to enhance discovery and in some cases go direct to the consumer. Retailers have the customer and plenty of room to enhance the experience.

While Sony is putting together an end to end eBook solution, it is still early days, with plenty of opportunity for market development. The media certainly amplifies anything tied to one of the leading Internet names, but make no mistake, it's early days.