Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Walt Mossberg Reviews Shortcovers

When I first joined Indigo, we talked about the future of the book and what it meant for the industry - when would ebooks 'happen'?. We had this idea that people are reading differently already, on screens in shorter sessions, more often, leveraging their downtime on the go. A whole new generation is used to sampling content, making a decision, purchasing what they want, anytime & anyplace. There was an opportunity here, not just for avid readers, but for anyone who wants the convenience of finding their next great read, from the device they already have.

That was the inspiration for Shortcovers, a place to come and find your next great read from your mobile device. That inspiration has turned into a great team and a great service launching soon!

Walt Mossberg, Personal Technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal writes the first detailed review of Shortcovers

” … Shortcovers, is from the large Canadian bookseller Indigo Books & Music. Due to show up in the App Store in the next few weeks, Shortcovers is a portal to sampling, buying and reading books, and will have a companion Web site. It will allow readers to get free samples of blogs, magazines and books — say, the first chapter — and then buy either the entire work or other individual chapters or sections, which the company calls “shortcovers.” ”

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