Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shortcovers Rising

What a week!

Lot's of news in only a couple of days. Check it all out on Twitter or our Blog.
One of the best ones about Shortcovers was from PCWorld - Kindle's New Challenger brings E-books to iPhones.

The attention on the publishing sector and reading digitally is growing by the day. Announcements from Google and Amazon, the impending launch of Shortcovers drove tons of buzz. Meanwhile, continued news of restructuring and debates about the future model of newspapers from the founder of Slate on the NYT and Eat Sleep Publish have been great reads.

Kindle 2 launched and guess what - its yet another niche device for $359! Not exactly my idea of consumer value. Have people forgotten that we are on about year 10 of a secular trend towards convergence? I don't think so. For $200 i can buy a great smartphone with a beautiful colour screen, wifi, 3G, a camera, a phone, email, calendar, an mp3 player, youtube, and yes of course - Shortcovers - the place to come and find your next great read, sample for free and make a purchase. You can't beat the convenience or the value of being able to get instant delivery to the device in your pocket.

One of my favorite posts of the day had a video clip of all the people reading on screens at the K2 launch - just NOT on Kindles. They were reading on laptops, blackberries and iphones - supporting our view - people are (already) reading differently. With Shortcovers, you can use your existing mobile device or laptop to find your next great read.

I know for a fact that some K2 launch participants were on shortcovers :)